Schools through the ages: an illustrated history

Schools through the ages

Tuesday 12th May, 8-9pm BST

As a lockdown experiment, I’m giving an online version of my introduction to the history of education. 1500 years in 40 minutes, covering the evolution of schools in England from the first grammar school to the beginnings of the state system.

It will explain the profound impact that events such as the Black Death, the Reformation and the Industrial Revolution had on schools.

How could learning Latin save your life? What were the Seven Liberal Arts and what made them ‘liberal’? Why do ‘public schools’ charge fees? How could a Victorian schoolmaster teach a class of a thousand? All these questions and lots more will be answered.

Suitable for teachers and non-teachers alike.

This online event has now taken place. If you’re interested in having me give this or one of my other talks at your school, get in touch.

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